February — March 2013

Selected screenings across the UK

Still from the film The Edukators
CineSchool Directions: Watch exclusive interviews with this year's directors
Still from the film Red Balloon
Resources: Our great curriculum-focused materials for films screened as part of the festival

About CineSchool

CineSchool is an annual children's European film festival. It will run from February — March in 2013, in selected sites across the UK

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CineSchool is a film festival run by Film Education for school groups across February and March annually. The festival incorporates film screenings held across the UK, supported by in-cinema educational talks and Q&As, alongside film-related resources for use in the classroom.

CineSchool screens films that tell stories from across Europe so that the adventurous nature of the programming matches the demand from teachers to have their students exposed to European cinema.

All screenings take place during the school day and are offered free of charge to UK schools.