February — March 2013

Selected screenings across the UK

The success of projects and events such as CineSchool – Dialogues are dependent on passionate and dedicated lead organisations and partners without whose commitment neither the specific outcomes of this project nor the ongoing efforts to realise the potential of film in education would be possible.


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Our thanks go to the:

  • European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom
  • Europa cinemas
  • All participating exhibitors and their staff
  • The distributors of films screened
  • University College London European Institute
    • Dr. Jo Evans
    • Dr Stephanie Bird
    • Dr Roland-Francois Lack
  • Manchester Metropolitan University Department of Modern Languages
  • Film in Language Teaching Association (FILTA)
  • Routes into Languages
  • The Danish, Lithuanian and Swiss Embassies
  • Cine Lumiere
  • Goethe Institut
  • Polish Cultural Insitute
  • British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)
  • Academics, filmmakers, critics and storytellers
  • Cinema Education officers

For making CineSchool – Dialogues a success